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More Zen and MC fluff cause I can't get enough of it. I love how flirty Zen gets at night tbh. digitalscratch-arting . Follow. Unfollow. mystic mm jumin mystic messenger jumin zen hyun ryu mystic messenger zen mm zen digital art Digital Illustration art fan art artists on tumblr atoa 2018 atoa aesthetic art pastel aesthetic 10:00PM — i've been watching you stare at nothing for the past thirty minutes. and? your hand falls under his chin as you approach his hunched body, and you can feel the stubble under its distinct shape. this was all the confirmation you needed to know that he wasn't okay. your boyfriend could never go more than three days without shaving. he always claimed that he was such a. Filed under: that no one asked for but i adore the boi so fight me zen hyun ryu mystic messenger mm mysme mm aesthetic zen aesthetic mysme aesthetic sea-of-paranhas liked thi Tumblr theme by ahhfred. June 21st, 2020. Meditation for Loneliness. If we imagine that somebody has made us angry, we will be angry for a long time. If we imagine that we have become angry because of our own anger habit, we approach our anger from a different angle. In Zen we like to do 108 bows. I have a necklace with 108 beads that I.

Relationship Headcanons w/ Zen -he would be super affection but he would still hold back because he's scared he might release the beast -whenever you guys go anywhere, he would always either hold your hand or wrap an arm around your wais Verky Zen's ArtWorks — imagine michael and charlie met each other and... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Verky Zen's ArtWorks just a young artist that love to draw fanart, and have inconsistent art style. Anonymous said: more headcanons for Zen ^^ maybe some smut or fluff ;^) Answer: hello yes how about BOTH. (i. love. zen.) • This boy spoils you SO much. It doesn't matter if you offhandedly mention.. Preorders for Reminisce: A JuminV Fanzine are open!! After a few unexpected delays, we are excited to finally present you all with the zine!! Reminisce: A JuminV Fanzine is a digital zine with physical merch that focuses on the platonic and romantic relationship of Jumin Han and Jihyun Kim

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  2. Mistletoe w/ Zen Headcanons -his eyes scanned the place before landing on a mistletoe across the room -aha he says under his breath, making you look at him curiously -he waves you off before inching..
  3. Title: Imagine Me, Werewolf!Zen Pairing: Werewolf!Zen(Hyun Ryu) x Reader Rating: 18+ Word Count: 540 Type: Imagine Me(Smut) - Imagine Mes are a kind of nsfw text I like to do that is more of a one-sided roleplay than a fic.I usually do them one-on-one with people, but I've decided to start periodically posting them
  4. #zen #quote #bobross #JoyofPainting #joy #imagination #happiness #freedom #meditation #imagine. 136 notes If you don't think you can do this - you're not realizing how simple it is. — Bob Ross Feb. 24 2016. #zen #.

a zen imagine that he finds out mc is a cocktail waitress . Anonymous. I hope you like it! Zen finds out MC is a cocktail waitress: After you two started living together he understood why you wouldn't answer too much at night or be awake during the dawn. A cocktail waitress Can you imagine Zen hurting MC's feelings during his biker gang days and him trying to prove it to MC that he is not playing with their feelings, at least not this time, and that he is a different person now? I can't get it out of my head cause he said it himself that he's done things he's not proud of #47188929 - Zen spa concept panoramic banner image - Zen massage stones with.. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #34786934 - Silhouette young woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset. Similar Images . Add to Likebox #92233923 - Daigoji temple in autumn, Kyoto. Japan autumn seasons Mr.TrustFundKid ironically, this blog is called Mr.TrustFundKid reality is ~I'm in love with Zen~ multi-fandom (MysMes and NNT main fandoms

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  1. Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes. — Alan Watts * This blog advocates the use of CRITICAL..
  2. Eijiro that bitch Kirishima the practically abandoned main blog of a whole host of waay more active blogs ( see pinned post) icon by me 19 Genderfluid Nebularomantic Aro-flux/grey-romantic Soft Butch Lesbian/ (i perfer to be call straight when im a trans guy though) Asexual/ace-spike He/they Call me Zen Pagan Autistic Dni: Terf.
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  5. You can do anything your heart can imagine. — Bob Ross Jul. 6 2014. #zen #quote #bobross #heart #imagination #power #happytrees #JoyofPainting #freedom. 101 notes With practice comes confidence. — Bob Ross Jul. 6 2014. #zen #quote #bobross #JoyofPainting #practice #confidence #happytrees. 154 notes.
  6. Hello all, I hope you're all staying healthy and safe Anyway, I came on to let all of you know that I am going on a short hiatus. There are several reasons behind my decision, but to put it briefly, I have lost any motivation I had to keep posting regularly and it seems more like a chore now than something I do because I enjoy it; I really just need to take a step back to regain my motivation

home-deco-ideas:. Imagine waking up there in the morning via http://ift.tt/1my8bml (via moegopher Imagine - Imagine if Dally lip synced to music he listens to. official daddy zen™ Clarence // they/them or he/him // ESTP-J // matching icons with ace-kakyoin Home yes friend T A G L I S T Archiv maura-zen. zen. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. zen. Posts; Archive; mountain-zen. when klance is duo in tv. mountain-zen. okay, imagine this: Keith and Lance are actors; dreamworks wants new voltron with real people; they are chosen as, you know, Keith and Lance. Imagine being on your death bed, and standing around you is the ghost of the dreams, the ideas, the abilities, the talents given to you by life..That you for whatever reason, you never went after that dream. You never acted on those ideas. You never used them talents Imagine waking up in a white room, with a migraine and weird voice in your head. the month of blooming flower, April (*´∇`*) The man with brilliant-looks, who have blown thousands of MC's mind, ZEN's Birthday is... NathShinigami Mystic Messenger. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff.

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  2. 's pre-school teachers just let them get away with pretending to be each other. Just a couple of smol children thinking they got away with it :D. Gets the best allergy medication for Zen. The night arrives, Jaehee lets MC know that Ju
  3. Chan. I am 99% sure Chan wouldn't act on this newfound information. Obviously, he would be pretty excited that his famous crush recognized him and is even your ideal type, but we all know he is dedicated to his job and his team.He is completely focused on his career right now, I have no doubt about that
  4. imalism@gmail.com I consider the style of my paintings Post-Minimalist: it offers the viewer some space to imagine the things that stay beyond the canvas

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Zen Flower Crown edit lockscreen~ Feel free to use! Just credit me. (^‿^ ) Tagged #zen #hyun ryu #mystic messenger #rei rambles #raven squawks. 10:01:37 @ 9/28/2016 82 notes. amethyst-faerie-hekela reblogged this from imagine-mystic-messenger. amethyst-faerie-hekela liked thi Domestic Zen headcanons It's not uncommon for both of you to lose sleep because you're helping him with his lines. You have never missed one of his shows. You both dedicate a day to pamper yourselves.. imagine-zen. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. What would The RFA do? Icon by the amazing Myetie What?.

I'd like to imagine that if Zen and Yoosung were actual roommates, they'd go into the chatroom and rant about each other, while still being in the same room and then they would argue in the chatroom.. Zen .#awesome #amazing #cool #colors #magic.. Your comfort zone isn't an end zone. Find #inspirational #quotes & #fashion by Book of Zen. Get free shipping and 20% off until December 2nd at our store at DesignbyHumans.com. - #fashionblogger #motivationalquotes #lifestyleblog #fashionblog #hipster #designbyhumans #hipsterstyle #motivate #motivation #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #startuplife #creativelife #successful #. Anonymous asked: random Inozen thing: Imagine Inosuke comparing Zenitsu to a cute little rabbit and Zen just verbally keysmashing while blushing like an idiot aaa KJGFKD GOD. everytime inosuke tries to explain FEELINGS to him it either ends up with zenitsu being hella confused or fucking insulted and when ino manages to explain it his.

MYSTIC MESSENGER SCENARIO BLOG. r-f-a-scenarios:. Hi guys, this is a new Mystic Messenger scenario blog! Can't wait to get started! First things first, my name's Liane, hi everyone! constellation-in-a-jar said: for juminzen, what do you imagine a first date would be like for them? Answer: I THOUGHT ABOUT THIS! Their first date is a disaster! Zen and Jumin argue pretty much the.. Zen Video Creator . Unmistakable clients bolster recordings getting than substance up a way. The running with instrument in Zen Titan gathering does only that. With each one of the data of the thing from the database, Zen Video maker will make a video as a Review video, a key 10 video, and so forth. There are particular video relationship to. ~Anything you can imagine is real. -Pablo Picasso~ I am a lover of many fandoms and a shipper of many ships. Right now, I'm big into Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Gravity Falls, Walking Dead and I have old standards like ATLA. My background is not mine. It was beautiful Royai fanart done by the amazing Burdge type of tumblr blog bts would have. hearing you speak your mother language. losing something of theirs while in the car. dancing and accidentally breaking the t.v. watching a movie with the other members when a sexual scene comes on. waking you up in the morning ~ finding self harm scars on your body. movie night with jungkook. what dating rm.

It is the person you imagine yourself to be that suffers, not You. — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Reblog. Opens in new window 46 notes Text Post posted 2 years ago. Opens in new window. #zen #meditation #buddhism #mindfulness #quotes #spirituality . mowpl reblogged this from whitegirlblog. dreamtphilosophies reblogged this from whitegirlblog BLACK FRIDAY 2016! 25% OFF. It's that time of year. This Black Friday weekend you can enjoy 25% off Zen Pencils posters, mugs and cushions. This is my biggest promo of the year so if you're looking for the perfect holiday gift (guaranteed delivery before xmas for US customers) or have been thinking about getting a poster for yourself, now is the time

hey but imagine a route where you can help Zen and Jaehee get together. 71 notes - 03 Oct 2017. hey but imagine a route where you can help Zen and Jaehee get together . #mc as a cupid!! #and I think yoosung would also take part in it #zen x jaehee #zenhee #mystic messenger #hyun ryu #jaehee kang Hi there! I love Niam anad Narry. My name's Rebecca and I'm a female Aussie Directioner, Belieber, Sheeranator, yeah I have more idols, but I ain't gonna list em all. x ~Anything you can imagine is real. -Pablo Picasso~ I am a lover of many fandoms and a shipper of many ships. Right now, I'm big into Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Gravity Falls, Walking Dead and I have old standards like ATLA. My background is not mine. It was beautiful Royai fanart done by..

20.03.2017 - This Pin was discovered by Vlad Strider. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Zen/Hyun Ryu (Mystic Messenger) Masterlist - Family Reunion - A New Reality. posted 1:59 am on Sunday, August 5, 2018 with 4 notes. tags » #mystic messenger #mysme #mysme zen #hyun ryu #hyun ryu x reader #hyun ryu imagine #hyun ryu oneshot #zen imagine #zen x reader #zen oneshot #mysme x reader #mysme imagine #mysme oneshot #character masterlis It's hard to imagine that this is also part of the city. The video doesn't cover the whole route, actually bus passes beyond Tai Wo to the next MTR station of Tai Po. However there are still a lot of interesting things to see like the Light Rail in the New Territories, views of the regular MTR service and a blatant ignoring of traffic. Zen Migawa's Dumplr Even if they are able to imagine being in a woman's predicament, they're likely to write it off as but that's just how the world is, dunno why they're complaining so much. The gendered reverse applies just as much, and is equally as disingenuous

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littlemssam:. Realm of Magic Potions now sellable (you'll need Icemunmuns fix for the Potion Retail Prices -> Click here Live in Business *** Added new Addon for Realm of Magic Objects which let's you craft 4 Wands & 2 Brooms via the Woodworking Tabl zen fangirl. anyway, I just wanted to ramble about Zen, I'll see my way out tumblr, back to Twitter but somehow it just suits him so fucking well like imagine Kuroo with any other hairstyle. but then in the manga it's even fucking better because. it looks super emo i styled this for ten hours If you have an imagine, submit it through the ask box or submit! About. This blog is for people to submit their Ace Attorney headcanons and imagines. Rules for submitting headcanons/imagines can be found under the submit page. ©2015-2020 Imagine Ace Attorney ZEN theme designed by SANOGRAPHIX As I use this Tumblr more and more, I need more on my dash! Reblog/like this post if you post: ANYTHING (literally anything) Harry Potter related Anything Supernatural Photography stuff Marvel related stuff (espec Stony fanfic) Spooky things Anime things . Follow me and check out my links for more

Imagines. RFA + Minor Trio with a MC being tomboy and tsundere ☢ ; RFA with a MC who won't stop sending send nudes meme (NSFW)-ish; RFA (minus V) reacting to an MC who has been depressed and attempted suicide in the past (Suicide mention); Minor trio reacting to an MC who has been depressed and attempted suicide in the past (Suicide mention, emotional manipulation, verbal abuse) Google allows users to search the Web for images, news, products, video, and other content Imagine having a Zen experience at the piano. The Stillpoint Piano Method was created to allow students to embrace mindfulness and multi-sensory awareness at the piano. Stillpoint provides an opportunity to discover your unlimited musical potential. www.stillpointpiano.co dnshsrnjgjsjwndjss said: 14? Answer: Favorite CG: I love ALL of them! The artists at Cheritz are so talented. But this is the one that nearly had me in tears. Final CG in Secret Ending 2 Zen headcannons • ヾ(`・ω・´)ノ Practices pickup lines when he's alone (in front of the mirror) so he can be fucking SMOOTH when he talks to you. • Compliments himself like 24/7 • Secretly takes cooking..

In the process of making some clean AF bridle/lap joints for the new keyframe for the #1902Chickering121 . I imagine this will be the only Chickering #piano that has a keyframe constructed entirely out of #steinway materials Tapet Zen. Tapetul Zen este o alegere ideală pentru a decora armonios pereții din interiorul camerei voastre. Cromatica versatilă și modelul uni oferă camerei un aspect luminos. Tapetul din gama Zen este o alegere plăcută estetic, potrivită pentru orice tip de amenajare. Dimensiuni: L.1005 x l.53 cm.Material: vinil.Cu okay but imagine the rangers ACTUALLY starting a band, and they turn out pretty good, and get some level of fame and zordon is just pissed like YOU'RE MAKING IT HARDER TO CONCEAL YOUR IDENTITY and he's lookin to alpha for backup and alpha is just like .they said i could play the triangl

Aging rapidly, he, cat dad. Only looking for an acceptable level of bullshit I can live with. Somewhere in CT. Boogie your scruples away 4-feb-2016 - Esplora la bacheca DISEGNI TUMBLR di Allegra Dic su Pinterest. Visualizza altre idee su Disegni, Tumblr, Schizzi imagine this... zen. 6 years ago Source: dereksparks.com. #original photographs #original photography #photographers on tumblr #photography #art #art photography #artists on tumblr #derek sparks #dereksparks #dsparks #the pictorialist #thepictorialist. matgornata liked this.

Imagine an AU were everything is the same but outer Science is replaced with your best nightmare and Kuroha is Omega Flowey. Posted 3 years ago 38 notes Konoha looks like Zen, so he's a complete overhaul of Zen's canon personality, but he's still a renowed actor Una dintre numeroasele imagini de stoc gratuite extraordinare de la Pexels. Această fotografie este despre vechi, vizitare a obiectivelor turistice, zen I LOVE YOU JUNG JAEHYUN. Jaehyun must've gone through it, for a while. To finally admit it. The fact that he cant even look at the camera until he's admitting he's not perfect and how hard he tries to be.. He's telling us this because he wants us to give him our love and support * wearing heels* i leaned in to kiss niall after standing on my tippy toes how short r Thoughts, links, Memes, and more all about buddhism, meditation, singing bowls and improving your mind

Choose from hundreds of free Windows 10 wallpapers. Download HD wallpapers for free on Unsplash Una dintre numeroasele imagini de stoc gratuite extraordinare de la Pexels. Această fotografie este despre sculptură, vară, zen Welcome to our profile page. Suggestions and theme requests are most welcome, please send us a mail via our profile. Support Forum https://imaginemthemes.co/ Blacksilver | Photography Theme for Wor.. Try to imagine what it will be like to go to sleep and never wake up now try to imagine what it was like to wake up having never gone to sleep.Alan Watts quot Wiki Bio Excerpt. Jenna Rose Pederson, the Queen of Farmington, Maine, lived next door to Talia for eight months during her time at Quinnipiac. The pair first bonded over a burnt batch of banana muffins, which was quite a poor choice to begin with considering that the two are both in fact allergic to bananas and are not fans of muffins

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imagine if ini, mimi and moe the clown from turnabout big top were all related Anonymous 3 years ago · 13 Notes · #imagine #ini miney #mimi miney #moe the clown #ace attorney #submission #Anonymous #asks. 2016-08-17. Oh, there it is. It's obviously all in good fun if it's referencing the infamous down with cis copypasta.. Remember his name. He couldnt breathe. george floyd justice for george floyd black lives matter acab blm i hate the justice system in america so much the first prison boom literally happened right after slavery was abolished and it happened bcuz the souths economy heavily relied on their slaves so they just imprisoned black ppl for the most minor crimes so they could be used for labor but. Zen sat up slightly reaching for the half finished cup of tea that rest on the bed side table beside him, careful to not wake up the girl who fell asleep on him, head on his chest as she listened to his heartbeat, falling asleep to the calming sound while her legs were curled up near her chest Submit a post I had a very successful career as a software engineer. Now, I am dedicating my life to studying, practicing, observing and teaching meditation practices in an effort to reduce suffering in myself, my family and friends, and all sentient beings #mystic messenger #mm #msme #mystic messenger jumin #jumin han #mystic messenger zen #zen #mystic messenger yoosung #yoosung #mystic messenger 707 #707 #luciel choi #gif #gif imagine #mystic-messenger-personals. September 27. V : You can trust me

(geezus crusts zen is getting so much love) Zenyatta. 2. Their emotional/moral weak spots. Zenyatta is okay with taking up arms to protect his home and what he believes in, sure, but he finds it difficult to fight nevertheless. I imagine he would have a hard time actually directly confronting the enemy instead of acting as support. 4 bug-catcher-in-viridian-forest:. one thing i really like about the dynamic in the untamed is how there is no imbalance of skills between the absolute nightmare and the sweaterboy, when in many pieces of fiction the sweaterboy usually looks up to the absolute nightmare because they have a textually stronger combination of skills, but in the untamed they are equally clever, equally good fighters. Tony can't stop thinking about that postcard. Bucky can't stop collecting animals. Rhodey gets zen, Pepper needs a drink, Bruce shows up, and Anubis is always a good time. The world is a bit much right now. I dunno about you, but I need something fun to cheer me up. Didn't want to go crazy with tags and ruin fun reveals within the story My name's Lei | Multifandom | Primarily into: A3!, IDV, TKRB, TPN, FGO | ☆ Also active on IG!:.. can you fucking imagine. still one of my fave gif's on tumblr. Coolest shit ever. 出典: fencehopping Reblogged from sekisyu ©2009-2020 中継点 ZEN theme designed by SANOGRAPHIX

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Zen Tubes. One of our most popular brands, these tubes are the preferred brand of many customers for quality and taste. These tubes are sure to please and are currently available in both king size with a 17 mm filter length and 100 mm tubes with a 25 mm filter length During my days shooting this film I shot 38,000 images, travelled some 2900 miles, and saw some of the most amazing, beautiful, and indescribable landscapes on the planet. Iceland is absolutely one of the most beautiful and unusual places you could ever imagine I had a bit of an episode this morning over something completely stupid. I hate how makeup sometimes comes in glass bottles. Seriously. It's makeup Zen vs Elizabeth The 3rd. Imagine Zen was obligated to take care of Elizabeth The 3rd for the weekend cause no one else could. That'd be funny Please do not repost without my permission or credit. my art mystic messenger zen x mc mysme zen hyun ryu elizabeth the 3rd elizabeth the third fanart fan art mysmes do not remove credi Găsește imagini cu Desktop. Gratuite pentru uz comercial Fără atribuiri necesare Fără drepturi de auto

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Like this post if you use running as a way to relieve stress, or to clear your mind! #everymomentcounts #zenlabsfitness #c25k #couchto5k #motivation #fitness #fitspo #weightloss #instarunners #running #fitbit #workout #exercise #weightlossmotivation #healthy #inspiration #transformation #instafit #happy #gym #dreambig #training #health #getfit #bodybuilding #cardio #weights #y #youcandoit #. -but you do sleep in the Zen Style sleeping position together most of the time.-when he sleeps alone it's definitely the log position. He won't move. At all. He's just stuck in the log position until he opens his eyes in the morning.-he sets a timer for himself to wake up at 5am. He tends to accidentally wake you up when he wakes up though

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Posted 5 years ago 8,440 notes . Tagged: zen pencils, poetry, comics, webcomics, Just one color? Maybe burnt orange or a red. ITS HARD to choice one color. lol. Originally posted by clarkgriffon #xozcxoanswered#xozcxoano Based on this prompt from imagineyourOTP on Tumblr: Imagine person A of your OTP really needing to pee but not being able to get up because person B is asleep on top of them. Series. Part 30 of Zen (ItaNaru Drabbles) Language: English Words: 212 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 5 Kudos: 105 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 345 zen what. 3 weeks ago, 67 notes zumin art jumin han juminxzen hyun ryu mystic messenger yaoi fanart a smol comic gay my art h a h; We all remember our favorite scene. want a free wallpaper? i got chu my gays. 3 weeks ago, 116 note Pentru a-ti scurta iarna, imprumuta niste bani pana in primavara. W.J.Vogelci Primavara isi face propria declaratie, atat de tare si de clar incat gradinarul pare sa fie doar unul din multele ei instrumente, si nu compozitorul. Geoffrey Charlesworth Oricat de batrani si nepunticiosi am fi, intotdeauna vom astepta cu nerabdare primavara

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Zen shit right there. As the Space player, you'll also be in charge of finding and breeding the frogs and I suspect that out of all the classes, the Heir will have the easiest time with that. In terms of the life events of a Heir of Space, you could end up actually becoming the Genesis Frog permanantly, or at least having a deep connection. NSFW Alphabet (w/ Matt) A = Aftercare (What they're like after sex). He's quite caring. He always makes sure that his s/o is feeling well but, before cuddling and eventually falling asleep, he needs to smoke a cigarette

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Having both ddr4 and ddr5 adds to much complexity for the iod and is waste of silicon. it drives up the price of Iod. AMD could easily make two IO-dies, one for DDR4 and a second for DDR5. Then use chiplet-magic to sell their processors combined with either die (saving on manufacturing costs.. When you reach a calm and quiet meditative state, that is when you can hear the sound of silence.

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O temă este o combinație de imagini de fundal pentru desktop, culori pentru ferestre și sunete. Pentru a obține o temă, extindeți una dintre categorii, faceți clic pe un link pentru temă, apoi faceți clic pe Deschidere.Aceasta va salva tema pe PC și o va plasa pe desktopul dvs The medic appears and checks Zen over. After concluding that he just fainted and will wake up soon, they leave Mun-Hee with him in his dressing room. Yoosung decided to go home before she went in the room with Zen, so it's just Zen and Mun-Hee now. A few minutes later, Zen stirs awake. Ugh, my head. Zenny, are you okay? Mun-Hee asks Pled copii Kid Zen. Pentru zilele răcoroase, pledul este alegerea care să creeze un plus de confort și să vă asigure relaxarea de care să vă bucurați. Pledul are un model simplu, dar foarte versatil, cu o culoare pe placul celor mici. Momentul zen este acum asigurat cu un singur produs. Dimensiuni: L. 140 x H. 110 cm Over 7 months ago, I encountered my first RWB in person. It was an experience like no other and I'll never forget the tears of joy running down my face as Toshiya Ichiraku's 'Rough Rhythm' stood before me at Tokyo Auto Salon. I remember feeling so overwhelmed when I then went to an RWB party in Roppongi later that night, which made me wonder when we would start to see these incredible. My name is Vanna and I love all things zombie. This blog is meant to provide GIFs of every zombie movie I can get my hands on. The title count in my zombie movie collection is now 93. ALL GIFS ARE..

call me melu Can you imagine Zen hurting MC's feelings

Classically the hallmark of GHB/GBL overdose is a rapid onset of CNS and respiratory depression. On blood gas analysis you may find a wide anion gap acidosis. This is due to the dissociation of GHB in to its anion plus a H+. From a physiological point of view in low dose there may be tachycardia and hypertension

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